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watching: buffy the vampire slayer (s7), once upon a time (s3), breaking bad (s2), supernatural (s8), the l word (s3)
shipping: willow/tara (btvs), regina/emma (ouat), dana/alice (tlw), ron/hermione (hp)
studying: biology, environmental studies, and spanish

The moon to the tide
I can feel you inside
I’m under your spell
Surging like the sea
Drawn to you so helplessly

"You were right, I have been selfish and I dragged into my stupid plan against your will."

swanandthesociopath replied to your post “i’m so excited for dragon age: inquisition I could cry.”

Your birthday is in September! :)))

Yup! September 10th :)

i’m so excited for dragon age: inquisition I could cry.

You can’t recreate what you and I have.

sebbastianstans replied to your post “i just want swan queen to be canon.”

I’ll sell my first born if it meant they could be canon.


a list of reasons i would be the worst girlfriend ever

  • extremely ticklish
  • runs away from feelings
  • also problems
  • bad communicator
  • awkward and shy around people i like
  • refuses to make plans ever
  • sarcastic asshole



i just want swan queen to be canon.

fangirl challenge  ten female characters
↳ [1/10] regina mills

No one seems to notice my absence.”

elise white